An under hull instrument deployment unit that stands up to arctic conditions

Research vessels exploring arctic regions collect valuable subsea data for military and civilian projects

Since the Greek sailor Pytheas first brought back tales of Thule, a northern land of fog and ice, in the 4th C. BCE, hundreds of research vessels have been launched to explore the brutal arctic regions. Some were sent out in search of new trade routes. Some have been military expeditions seeking to address national security concerns. Today, many research vessels exploring the arctic regions are attempting to gain a greater understanding of the complex interconnection between the poles, melting sea ice, and changing climate and weather patterns.

Harsh conditions pose unique challenges to crews exploring arctic seabeds

Every oceanic enterprise comes with perils. Erratic weather systems and caustic environmental conditions take a toll on both crew and vessels. In the arctic regions, these challenges are heightened by monolithic floes, bitter winds, punishing cold, and submerged ice.

Research teams gathering data in these icy conditions rely on sensitive instruments to conduct hydrographic surveys. Even acoustic positioning systems built to withstand harsh conditions are vulnerable to submerged ice and other underwater obstacles. These obstructions can compromise the echosounders and sonars used in marine research and destroy the efficacy of this costly equipment.

DECK’s UH-Series unit keeps sensitive equipment safe in punishing arctic conditions

At DECK Marine Systems, we’ve designed our under hull instrument deployment unit (UH-Series) from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring longevity even in brutal arctic conditions. The unit was engineered with ice breakers, military vessels, and other mid-sized research ships in mind, and it boasts a rugged construction that can withstand water pressure up to 4 bars. Hull gates can be installed to maintain the hydrodynamic properties of marine research vessels while adding an additional layer of protection for sensitive acoustic positioning systems.

The innovative deployment unit allows vessels to retract instruments in areas with underwater obstacles

In arctic waters, being able to retract delicate instruments is particularly valuable. Beneath the surface of arctic waters, submerged arctic sea ice poses an eminent threat to echosounders, sonars, and other acoustic positioning systems. With DECK’s under hull deployment unit, research vessels can withdraw costly equipment, protecting instruments from damage caused by undersea obstacles.

The retractable UH-Series unit equips arctic-bound vessels with the ideal tool for exploration

At DECK Marine Systems, we employ advanced CAE systems to ensure our UH-Series units provide bold arctic explorers with years of low-maintenance, high-quality performance. Our UDIs are subjected to a battery of simulations designed to test their performance under a variety of conditions, and we conduct quality assurance tests in the presence of third-party inspectors and provide certificates upon the request of our clients. This ensures greater protection for valuable instruments as well as improved precision and accuracy when surveying and navigating undersea terrain.

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