DECK Marine Systems owes its existence to a satisfied client

DECK Marine Systems is an Estonian private company specializing in Winches, Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) and Instrument Deployment Units. Our products are mainly used to handle the equipment located under the water.

All our products are designed to deploy sensitive underwater vehicles and acoustic instruments into the ocean in a safe and controlled manner. As every unit is engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards, we are confident in its performance and reliability.

Products overview

Winches and winching systems for the following applications:

– Umbilical / ROV
– Oceanographic / cable
– Anchor handling and towing
– Special purpose lifting and hoisting

When you can’t find a suitable winch in the standard catalogs, look no further than DECK Marine Systems. Because all our winches are delivered with tension control in standard configuration, you can be sure that your equipment will be safely deployed despite the sea heaves. By using lebus grooved drum and adjustable level wind, we warranty that your umbilical is handled with great care and with minimal wearing. It is further strengthened by utilizing innovative drive systems, which provide soft start and smooth speed control in full range, typically from 0 to 120 meters per minute. For certain applications, constant tension and rendering modes are required. That’s why our specialists will help you to choose the best winch parameters suitable for a dedicated offshore job. Your mission is critical for us!

Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) specially designed for:

– ROV and AUV
– Trenching machine
– Subsea cable-laying plough
– Mine counter measure ships

Launching and recovering subsea machines require reliable and functional LARS. The design of our Launch and Recovery Systems can be adapted to the broad range of applications and sizes of your subsea asset. Whether it is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), subsea crawler machine, towed plow or scientific research gear, our engineers will find a suitable solution for you. On top of that, LARS A-Frame can be equipped with docking head, stabilization frame and side movement trolley. These options, in combination with optional wide-angle A-Frame configuration, provide phenomenal functionality. By combining the A-Frame with the umbilical or towing winch, the application range can be further expanded. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Instrument Deployment Units (IDU) engineered for:

– USBL transducers
– Single- or multibeam echosounders
– Forward or bottom looking sonars
– Hydrophones and ADCPs

DECK Marine Systems developed the most comprehensive product family of Instrument Deployment Units (IDU) by considering the highest underwater acoustic systems requirements. Water turbulence, boundary layer, underwater obstacles, and hull vibrations are the main factors influencing acoustic performance. By adding the speed of the vessel and the depth of the water, the positioning accuracy or quality of seabed mapping becomes a real challenge. This is why we recommend using Instrument Deployment Units (IDU), which can deliver your instrument under the turbulence or boundary level by providing very rigid support and precise positioning every time. And when you have done the job, easily retract ultra-short baseline (USBL) system into the hull to ensure your asset is protected whenever your vessel go. 

A snapshot from our history

We began our entrepreneurial voyage as a multi-discipline Engineering and EPC company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the Marine and Offshore industry. We might have stayed right there, but once our clients experienced our innovative, rugged equipment, they wanted more. 

When a client came to us with a request for a customized instrument deployment unit for use offshore, we were eager to prove our commitment to their satisfaction. We set out to deliver the most cost-effective, flexible and reliable equipment on the market. Since then, we’ve developed several products in order to affordably and quickly manufacture a system that meets your exact requirements. Our proven track record and satisfied customers made us an internationally recognized and trusted supplier.