While many companies are launched by ambitious CEOs, DECK Marine Systems owes its existence to a satisfied client.

We began our entrepreneurial voyage as DECK Engineering OÜ, a multi-discipline Engineering and EPC company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the Marine industry. We might have stayed right there, but once our clients experienced our innovative, rugged equipment, they wanted more.

When a client came to us with a request for a customized instrument deployment unit for use offshore, we were eager to prove our commitment to their satisfaction. We set out to deliver the most cost-effective, flexible instrument deployment unit on the market.

Once we’d manufactured one model, we knew we had a product that more agents and maritime administrators would benefit from. Since then, we’ve developed several models in order to affordably and quickly manufacture a unit that meets your exact requirements. Our IDUs are designed to safely and precisely deploy sensitive acoustic instruments and equipment into the ocean, and each unit is engineered to the highest industry standards and tested by the best and brightest structural engineers.