A custom-built through-hull deployment unit that makes the most of tight budgets (Use Case Study)

Underwater construction relies on cost-effective and durable instrument deployment units

Like land-based construction crews, offshore construction projects often operate on tight schedules and razor thin profit margins. However, underwater construction crews have additional challenges. When charged with laying cables deep beneath the ocean’s surface or dredging harbors, they rely on the precision of their acoustic positioning systems to accurately assess the seabed, even when conditions are caustic and brutal. That makes it critical for instrument deployment units to be cost-effective without compromising the safety and accuracy of sensitive USBL.

Keeping projects on time and on budget requires a fast turnaround on custom instrument deployment units

When an underwater construction project is approved, crews need to be ready to get underway to avoid losing precious time and going over-budget. Outfitting a cable-laying vessel, offshore construction vessel, or subsea installation vessel needs to happen quickly in order to keep the project moving forward in a timely manner. However, custom features are often needed to adequately protect and deploy sensitive telemetry instruments.

Custom requirements can pose a challenge for crews on a tight deadline

The necessity for tailor-made instrument deployment units can create a challenge for underwater construction crews on a tight timeline, and speed can in no way undermine the structural integrity of a unit. Sensitive USBL require a sturdy, robust platform that resists vibrations created by high speeds, and crews working on tight budgets need equipment that will be robust enough to last for decades in order to ensure a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

A TH-Series instrument deployment unit can be custom-built in three months

DECK Marine’s TH-Series deployment unit offers optimal delivery times for machines modified to meet the specifications of individual projects and vessels. Recently, we delivered a tailor-made through hull unit in three months, including engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and testing of the unit. This empowered our client to launch their project on time with a unit that was customized for their vessel’s unique requirements.

A modular design and standard components make DECK Marine’s through hull instrument deployment unit a cost-effective option for underwater construction

The TH-Series offers a modular design built from standard components. This allows for affordable tailor-made systems with a short lead time. The unit’s durable, flexible design keeps assembly and maintenance costs competitive for our users around the globe. Its robust construction is built to weather the most brutal environmental and operational conditions for up to thirty years, making it a sound investment.

Contact our customer service specialists today to have a durable, flexible TH-Series instrument deployment unit designed, built, and tested in time for your next underwater construction project.