Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

DECK Marine Systems has a proven track record in the engineering and production of LARS systems for underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Since 2013 we have helped many customers to solve their equipment challenges. And every time our customer comes back makes us very proud because of their trust in us, and the satisfaction of our equipment quality and performance. Whether you have an offshore supply or service vessel, subsea cable layer, research, exploration, or drilling ship, we have a Launch and Recovery solution for you.

The standard configuration of the Launch and Recovery System includes A-Frame, Docking Head, Umbilical Winch and Control System. Despite all LARS systems have a lot of features in common, every Launch and Recovery System will be customized in accordance with your requirements and application. Thanks to a broad experience in the design and manufacturing of different lifting and handling equipment for the offshore industry, we have in-depth knowledge of launching and recovering challenges. When we create your system specification, you can be sure, that we will not make a compromise when it comes to quality, because safety of offshore operations is our highest priority. With our LARS your equipment will be secure, and it will be deployed in the most reliable way.

In the past years, we have developed different Umbilical Winch and A-Frame designs and can offer several system configurations. By close cooperation with our customers, we are able to create the most suitable LARS layout, which will be the best fit for your vessel’s deck. If you are not sure about the LARS configuration you need, send us your request today and we will be pleased to solve your challenge.