Under Hull Deployment Unit

Cost-effective, problem-solving design

When free space in the ship’s hull is at a premium, the compact design of the UH-series unit provides a durable, cost-effective alternative to through-hull deployment. While the through-hull units measure up to 6 meters in height, the under hull unit is a mere 1 meter high. Units can be equipped with customized brackets to accommodate a wider range of sonars and echo-sounders.

Intensive evaluation

DECK Marine Systems uses CAE systems to assess the strength, durability, and performance of our components and assemblies. We’ve subjected the UH-series to a battery of simulations designed to assess its performance under a variety of conditions, and the units are built by highly-skilled specialists with years of experience. We conduct quality assurance tests in the presence of third-party inspectors and provide certificates upon the request of our clients.

Rugged, versatile assembly

We build our UH-series from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials to ensure a long life and low maintenance in even the most adverse environments and operational conditions. The unit was engineered specifically for deploying and controlling instruments during hydrographic and survey operations, and its rugged construction is capable of withstanding water pressure up to 4 bars. For even better protection of sensitive acoustic positioning systems, hull gates can be installed. This addition maintains the hydrodynamic properties of your vessel’s hull, improving speed and fuel economy.

The UH-series is especially useful in arctic waters, where ice pieces hidden beneath the water can cause damage to echo-sounders or sonars. The retractable functionality of the under hull deployment model protects instruments from damage caused by underwater obstacles.

Innovative software

The UH-series unit can be equipped with a state-of-the-art servo-driven operating system that uses predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques to ensure longevity while reducing the operational costs of time-based preventative maintenance. Optional remote capabilities allow off-site login to systems for easy evaluation and intervention in the event of a problem. We also equip units with manual retracting function as a backup should automated functionality become impaired.


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