Side Deployment Pole

Cost-effective, problem-solving design

DECK Marine Systems developed the SP-series unit to provide our clients with instrument deployment options when through-hull deployment isn’t cost-effective or practical. Our rigid side deployment pole reduces potential operating costs by equipping mid-sized and smaller research, survey, and work vessels to perform high-integrity, survey-grade positioning. It can be installed, disassembled, and transported easily, making it a versatile mobile unit.

Low vibration, high performance

Our rigid, low-vibration SP-series units safeguard and optimize the performance of your sensitive echosounders and sonars. The sturdy construction of our side deployment pole enhances the precision and accuracy of underwater data collection and telemetry, and the unit positively locks into place to ensure the repeatability of measurements.

Rugged, versatile assembly

Our SP-series is constructed from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials to ensure durability in the most caustic environments. The unit can be installed to the deck or hull, and the sectional pole allows the length of the unit to be uniquely configured for each vessel. Adapters can be made available to ensure a secure fit for all types of transceivers, and our innovative drag- and vortex-reducing strakes maximize the stability and fuel economy of the unit.


Technical Data

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