The UH-Series Under Hull Deployment Unit is designed for brutal arctic exploration

Naval icebreakers offer nations an advantage in brutal arctic regions

The arctic remains a challenging frontier for military fleets from countries around the world. However, governments still perceive the frigid, brutal territory as invaluable to military strategy, resource management, and trade. They employ naval icebreakers that are specially designed to navigate icebound arctic waters, offering safe passage to research, survey, and work vessels. The fortified hulls of icebreakers offer the vessels protection from the punishing environmental conditions of the polar regions, empowering these behemoths to propel their way through ice floes. The nations with the most effective fleets are best positioned to take advantage of opportunities in arctic regions.

Expeditions in the arctic unlock previously unavailable shipping tracks and resources

As icecaps shrink, continental shelves are exposed for the first time in human history, offering up untold natural resources. Oil and natural gas as well as massive untapped caches of iron ore, copper, and even diamonds are in abundance in these regions. Diminishing ice also opens new waterways for both naval and merchant ships. The ships best equipped to explore these new opportunities offer increased national security and a wealth of raw materials to intrepid explorers.

The equipment used to explore the arctic’s underwater regions are vulnerable to submerged ice

While the structural design of icebreakers protects their hull from damaging underwater obstacles like loosened chucks of ice, external elements of the ship are not immune to damage. The propulsion system as well as any protruding deployment units can be ravaged by submerged ice. The propulsion system of an icebreaker is designed specifically to withstand these conditions, but many conventional instrument deployment units are not. This endangers sensitive research equipment such as echosounders, sonars, and acoustic positioning systems. Equipping icebreakers and other arctic-bound vessels with appropriate IDUs can be challenging. Expeditions are often on tight budgets, and existing ships may lack the space inside the hold necessary for system storage.

DECK Marine’s UH-Series instrument deployment unit offers a cost-effective and durable platform for icy conditions

In one case, DECK Marine was approached by a client with an existing moonpool and limited funds. They needed an instrument deployment unit that would withstand brutal arctic conditions built custom for their vessel. We listened to the specifications of our client and began to engineer a solution: an under hull deployment unit built to the moonpool dimensions. The design was compact and rigid, capable of enduring arctic conditions, submerged ice, and high speeds. It did the job, fit the budget, and aligned with the vessel’s existing layout.

Invest in a long-lasting, versatile UH-Series deployment system

At one meter high, DECK Marine’s UH-Series UDI is a compact design that offers a durable, cost-effective alternative to massive through-hull deployment units. Customized brackets capable of accommodating a broad range of sonars and echo-sounders make the UH-Series a versatile option for vessels. The UH-Series is built from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring a long life, low maintenance, and a minimized total cost of ownership. They can withstand the most adverse conditions, and can be equipped with hull gates to improve speed and fuel economy. This retractable functionality also protects delicate instruments from submerged ice and other underwater obstacles.

To equip your arctic expedition with the cost-effective, durable DECK Marine UH-Series UDI, contact our customer specialist today.