You work in the toughest environment on earth

And your instrument deployment units have to be as resilient as your crew and as sturdy as your ship. They have to withstand a corrosive aquatic environment, weather severe storms, and provide a secure platform for your most sensitive acoustic positioning systems.

Whether you’re conducting subsea research, assembling underwater infrastructure, or drilling below the seabed, the success of your offshore enterprise relies on precise, durable equipment. DECK Marine Systems equips professionals in the marine industries with rugged, cost-effective instrument deployment units (IDUs) that optimize your ability to survey, navigate, and utilize underwater terrain.

Robust construction

DECK Marine Systems IDUs are designed with durable low maintenance components and built  using precise machining, laser measurement, and non-destructive testing techniques. Units have been calculated and tested for 20,000 cycles.

We construct our clients’ deployment units on demand using the highest industry standards and marine-grade materials. Our robust units can withstand thirty years in the most caustic offshore conditions. Neither arctic cold nor tropical heat are a match for our rugged IDUs.

Our rigid, low-vibration units safeguard sensitive acoustic positioning systems and enhance the capabilities of your most sophisticated instruments. Sturdy IDUs keep sonar, echo sounders, and USBL steady and secure, which enhances the precision and accuracy of underwater data collection and telemetry and makes offshore and underwater operations safer and more profitable.

Flexible assembly

Though we design, manufacture, and test units in-house to ensure the highest quality fabrication, we standardize our sub-assemblies and parts to offer a cost-effective solution with flexible arrangement possibilities and a short lead time. Our innovative IDUs use standard components designed and manufactured by trusted global companies so our clients can get spare parts no matter where they’re located.

Based on your requirements, vessel type, or application area, we can configure your instrument deployment unit for Through-Hull, Under Hull, or Side Pole Deployment. In addition, we offer a wide array of features to further customize your unit. Options include but are not limited to:

Improved operational efficiency

Standard replacement parts make maintenance and repair of DECK Marine Systems IDUs more cost-effective and simpler, regardless of your location. Operational efficiency is further enhanced by our IDU’s intelligent systems.

Our state-of-the-art software utilizes predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques to ensure longevity while reducing the operational costs of time-based preventative maintenance. These innovative measures significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of units.

We also have the capacity to equip IDUs with remote diagnostics. When units are equipped with remote capabilities and an internet connection, your partners at DECK can login to systems from our office for easy assessment and intervention in the event of a problem.