Instrument Deployment Units

DECK Marine Systems offers a comprehensive product family of Instrument Deployment Units (IDU) for the handling of underwater acoustic instrumentation. This range covers all vessel sizes, starting from small survey boats and extending to large offshore and navy vessels.

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

DECK Marine Systems offers launch and recovery systems for autonomous or tethered subsea vehicles, including AUVs, ROVs, trenching ROVs, and bespoke stern or lateral A-Frames. Launch and recovery solutions combine rugged hardware with innovative AI-vision and AI-aided control systems.

Ocean Science Winches

DECK Marine Systems offers the DEOCEAN series of oceanographic winches, specially designed for towing side-scan sonars and deploying scientific survey and research equipment. Choose a standard or advanced configuration based on your requirements and budget.

Offshore Winches

DECK Marine Systems offers electric and hydraulic winches for subsea vehicles, underwater operations, and offshore applications.