A side deployment pole IDU that improves energy industry working conditions

The safety of offshore energy installations is compromised by inaccurate measurements Every day, the offshore energy industry faces hardships unimaginable to land-based energy operations. Equipment, installations, and platforms are under constant attack from caustic marine conditions. Severe, erratic weather is … Read more

A durable, versatile side deployment pole for smaller vessels

Operational costs and budgetary restrictions create tension in the offshore energy industry The offshore energy industry faces the same time and budgetary restrictions currently straining the land-based energy industry. However, marine conditions impose a much harsher toll. Turbulent weather and … Read more

A gated through hull instrument deployment unit that optimizes marine research operations

Profitable research and development relies on cost-effective equipment The profitability of oil and gas exploration, subsea mining, and environmental management all rely on economical marine research. Yet the caustic conditions that marine research and development enterprises operate within guarantee greater … Read more