Artificially Intelligent Launch and Recovery System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)


AiLARSTM is a revolutionary launch and recovery system that addresses the key problems associated with AUV operations in harsh conditions. It offers a fully autonomous and scalable system that ensures safe AUV operations, even in challenging environments. The core of AiLARSTM lies in its artificial intelligence-based control system, which performs complex calculations, recognizes the AUV on the water surface, predicts optimal capture moments, and guides an intelligent robotic gripper for safe and automatic launch and recovery.


The functional design of AiLARSTM is inspired by human capabilities. It incorporates a highly manoeuvrable robotic gripper, marine crane, AI-vision, and an AI-aided control system, which, when projected onto human capabilities, would correspond to Fingers, Arm, Eyes, and Intellect. The AiLARSTM‘s innovative software is developed to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability. It comprises image recognition and processing, event- or prediction-based decision-making, multi-plane dynamic motion for maximum energy efficiency, and hybrid active heave compensation. Its unique algorithms help solve all major safety hazards, including collision avoidance, and ensure gentle capturing and handling in a controlled manner.


AI-Vision autonomously recognizes AUVs equally effectively in both day and night, whether on the water surface or in slightly submerged positions. Once the object is recognized, the intelligent control system software takes control and automatically optimizes capture and release timings.


AiLARSTM enhances operational safety and efficiency by eliminating manual intervention, implementing automatic collision avoidance, ensuring gentle capturing even in harsh seas, fostering safer ocean exploration, and potentially saving lives.


The innovative AiLARSTM system is an All-in-One solution, which does not require additional equipment to fulfill the full launch and recovery cycle, from picking up AUVs from storage or charging stations to bringing them back. In addition, it offers substantial advantages, flexibility, and versatility by being suitable for smaller ships, ports, submarines, and USVs.


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