Equipping naval icebreakers with rugged instrument deployment units

Arctic exploration is not for the faint of heart. Vessels and crews navigating the polar regions are subject to punishing conditions, including below freezing temperatures, brutal winds, massive ice floes, and hidden ice beneath the surface of the sea. Yet naval icebreakers continue to brave the arctic regions to establish and maintain shipping tracks, to provide platforms for scientific enquiry, and to offer support to military, medical, and governmental enterprises.

Without the bold expeditions of naval icebreakers, we would lose an invaluable source of scientific data that impacts national security, environmental protection, and energy distribution. However, the research conducted by icebreakers is only as effective as the instruments used to gather it. Submerged ice and other undersea obstacles pose a constant threat to the acoustic positioning systems that conduct hydrographic surveys.

Because marine research is an expensive enterprise, icebreakers require instrument deployment units that are capable of extending the longevity of delicate echosounders and sonars. At DECK Marine Systems, we outfit naval icebreakers with under hull deployment units that are robust and cost-effective, a combination that empowers arctic researchers to go farther in their research endeavors.

More rugged protection for fragile acoustic positioning systems

DECK Marine Systems’ Under Hull Series was engineered specifically for deploying and controlling instruments during hydrographic and survey operations. The UDIs rugged construction is capable of withstanding water pressure up to 4 bars, and we’ve subjected our units to a battery of simulations to test its performance under extreme conditions. The robust construction of the UH-Series unit keeps delicate equipment secure and steady, ensuring more accurate arctic research.

More accurate arctic research

The UH-series provides a more stable platform for echosounders, sonars, and other acoustic positioning systems. By securely anchoring the sensitive equipment used in arctic research, the UDI decreases the impact of vibrations on the instruments and increases their accuracy. With more precise measurements in hand, naval research stations can equip their governments with better data for critical decision-making.

More cost-efficient deployment units

At DECK, we build our UH-series from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring increased longevity and reduced maintenance costs even in adverse arctic environments. Hull gates can be installed to add an extra layer of protection to expensive acoustic positioning systems, further improving cost-efficacy. By enabling icebreakers to retract instruments through hull gates, the UH-series maintains an icebreaker’s hydrodynamic properties, improving speed and fuel economy.

Extend exploration without destroying costly equipment

DECK’s under hull deployment units improve the cost-efficiency of arctic exploration while improving the results of marine research. Through rugged construction, protective assemblies, and increased accuracy, the UH-series allows naval icebreakers to do more with less expense.

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