A gated through hull instrument deployment unit that optimizes marine research operations

Profitable research and development relies on cost-effective equipment

The profitability of oil and gas exploration, subsea mining, and environmental management all rely on economical marine research. Yet the caustic conditions that marine research and development enterprises operate within guarantee greater expenses than most terrestrial research endeavors. The profit margins are necessarily thin, forcing industries conducting research to take extra precautions in securing cost-effective operations and equipment.

DECK’s GT-Series unit safeguards sensitive equipment

DECK’s gated through hull instrument deployment unit (GT-Series) boasts a rugged construction capable of enduring the most brutal environmental and operational conditions. Our engineers employ cutting edge CAE systems to run units through a battery of simulations designed to assess their strength, durability, and performance in a variety of extreme conditions. By ensuring components and assemblies are robust and resilient, we improve the safety, stability, and sturdiness of sensitive acoustic positioning units.

The GT-series unit was developed specifically for deploying and controlling sensitive sonars and echo sounders. Its rigid construction ensures accurate subsea instrument positioning aboard research vessels tasked with surveying and navigating underwater terrain. When the vessel is in transit or confronted with particularly destructive circumstances, equipment can be retracted through the gated hull to safeguard it, adding another layer of protection.

The unit’s marine-grade gates improves speed and fuel economy

Unlike other through hull deployment units, the GT-Series equips research vessels with the ability to maintain a streamlined, hydrodynamic contour. When acoustic systems are retracted through the marine-grade gates, drag is minimized and vessels can reach maximum speeds and optimize fuel efficiency.

The GT-Series offers affordable customization opportunities

At DECK Marine Systems, we provide units to clients in diverse industries. From oil and gas exploration vessels to environmental research. In order to meet the needs of vessels of various sizes and assemblies, we’ve designed the GT-Series with customization in mind. The unit’s modular assembly makes it easy, economical, and expedient to tailor the unit to each vessel’s requirements. The modular components offer users diverse configuration options, and the long-lasting parts are designed and manufactured by trusted global companies. No matter where a vessel is moored, affordable spare parts are close at hand.

The retractable GT-Series unit optimizes the operations of maritime research and development

With its long lifespan and modular assembly, the GT-series deployment unit offers users economical customization and a competitive TCO, making it ideal for optimizing operations. Its robust construction and marine-grade hull gate protects sensitive equipment, improving the accuracy of hydrographic surveys and marine research and extending the lifespan of expensive telemetry instruments.

The GT-series can also be equipped with a state-of-the-art servo-driven operating system. The intelligent software’s intuitive display provides instant feedback to users and a clear overview of processes from start to finish. This pioneering approach to intelligent engineering makes maintenance easier and more affordable, further enhancing the performance of marine research vessels.

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