Increased measurement accuracy improves energy industry safety

Offshore oil projects have been on the decline in recent years. In 2018, however, the industry is seeing an upsurge with more than forty new projects to be approved this year compared with 29 in 2017 and 14 in 2016. These projects will be operating on razor thin profit margins due to the rise in electric vehicles and low oil prices, but even the leanest operations must take into consideration the safety hazards implicit in offshore exploration and drilling.

The safety of future offshore oil platforms depends on accurate seafloor mapping. Geological modeling, pipeline routing, and the design and engineering of facilities all rely on error-free data from exploration teams. Unreliable measurements can create additional hazards for drilling rigs and production platforms, which already face meter-high waves, extreme weather, and caustic maritime conditions.

Improved data collection significantly reduces the dangers to offshore workers and safeguards profits from catastrophic losses associated with platform failures. DECK Marine Systems’ side deployment pole offers a cost-effective solution to lean offshore exploration operations without sacrificing the accuracy of underwater data collection and telemetry.

Reduce operating costs of exploration teams

Whereas through-hull deployment can be an expensive undertaking, the SP-Series unit minimizes operating costs by allowing exploration teams to equip mid-sized and smaller survey vessels with cost-effective instrument deployment capabilities. The versatile unit can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported, streamlining operations and processes.

Augment the accuracy of marine research findings

DECK Marine Systems engineered the SP-Series unit with rigid components that keeps delicate equipment safe from vibrations. The low-vibration construction enhances the performance of sensitive echosounders and sonars, ensuring more precise and accurate data collection even in extreme conditions. Because the unit positively locks into place, the repeatability of measurements is guaranteed. Accurate, repeatable measurements during exploration help stakeholders make better decisions about the practicability of newly discovered offshore oil fields.

Identify potential problems early

The DECK SP-Series instrument deployment unit is further enhanced with the integration of predictive maintenance software, which minimizes the operational costs of time-based preventative maintenance. The unit’s intuitive display simplifies oversight, and units can be equipped with remote diagnostics to allow for off-site observation and maintenance whenever the vessel has internet access. This reduces the TCO of the unit while safeguarding the performance of the instruments deployed by the SP-Series.

Reduce safety hazards associated with offshore drilling

Constructed from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, the SP-Series instrument deployment unit can withstand thirty years in the most caustic environments. Units are built on demand and meet or exceed the highest industry standards, and this rugged construction safeguards sensitive acoustic positioning systems, improving the capabilities of your most sophisticated instruments. The rigid SP-Series unit keeps sonar and echo sounders steady and secure, optimizing the accuracy of underwater data collection and improving the safety of offshore operations.

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