A side deployment pole IDU that improves energy industry working conditions

The safety of offshore energy installations is compromised by inaccurate measurements

Every day, the offshore energy industry faces hardships unimaginable to land-based energy operations. Equipment, installations, and platforms are under constant attack from caustic marine conditions. Severe, erratic weather is an ever-present threat to power supplies and delicate instrumentation. Leaks and equipment failure can create catastrophic conditions for installations and crew members.

Each of these safety hazards can be mitigated with improved data collection while faulty measurements drastically increase the risks to offshore energy enterprises. When exploration teams set out to investigate prospective crude oil and gas fields, precise hydrographic surveys are critical to the safety of installations. Accurate data improves the return on exploration investment and protects future profits from accidents created by costly miscalculations.

At DECK Marine Systems, we engineer robust, low vibration instrument deployment systems that enhance the capabilities of exploration teams, improving the precision and accuracy of underwater data collection and telemetry, making offshore energy operations safer and more profitable.

DECK’s low vibration SP-Series unit ensures high-integrity, survey-grade positioning

The accuracy of sensitive echosounders and sonars can be compromised by vessel vibrations. When that happens, the resulting data can undermine the safety and profitability of energy enterprises. DECK Marine Systems designed the SP-Series instrument deployment unit to safeguard and optimize the performance of delicate equipment. Its rigid, low-vibration construction enhances the precision and accuracy of underwater data collection, and the unit positively locks into place, making measurements repeatable.

The unit can withstand the harshest offshore conditions

The SP-series instrument deployment unit is constructed from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring greater resilience in harsh conditions. The unit’s durable components are built using precise machining, laser measurement, and non-destructive testing units, and they meet or exceed the highest industry standards. DECK Marine Systems’ robust units can withstand thirty years in the most caustic conditions, providing a secure, durable platform for delicate acoustic positioning systems.

The SP-Series’ design solves problems without accruing unnecessary costs

The SP-Series unit offers alternative instrument deployment options when through-hull deployment isn’t cost-effective or practical. Mid-sized and smaller research, survey, and work vessels can be equipped with the side deployment pole to perform high-integrity, survey-grade positioning. The versatile unit can be configured to meet the requirements of diverse vessels. It can be installed to the deck or hull, it can be lengthened or shortened, and it can be easily adapted to securely fit all types of transceivers.

Cost-effective and high-performing, the SP-Series helps improve the safety of offshore operations

DECK Marine Systems designed the SP-Series as an affordable deployment option that doesn’t sacrifice safety. Its durable, flexible assembly keeps the total cost of ownership low, and its innovative drag- and vortex-reducing strakes maximize the stability and fuel economy of the unit. The side deployment pole unit’s rigidity and durability keep expensive, delicate acoustic positioning systems secure, enhancing accuracy. Improved accuracy during data collection optimizes the safety of offshore energy harvesting, which protects the welfare of offshore workers and the profitability of energy enterprises.

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