A durable, versatile side deployment pole for smaller vessels

Operational costs and budgetary restrictions create tension in the offshore energy industry

The offshore energy industry faces the same time and budgetary restrictions currently straining the land-based energy industry. However, marine conditions impose a much harsher toll. Turbulent weather and equipment failure pose a constant threat to crew and vessel, and the caustic environment can wreak havoc on expensive instruments. This raises the cost of operations and increases the danger of offshore exploration and research.

Smaller research, survey, and work vessels offer a cost-effective alternative to larger, more expensive ships

Energy outfits that want to cover more territory without incurring exorbitant expense often capitalize on mid-sized and smaller research, survey, and work vessels to supplement larger ships. More compact vessels can easily undertake the hydrographic surveys and marine research that make offshore energy development feasible. By equipping compact vessels with single- or multi-beam echosounders, sonars, and other acoustic instruments, energy exploration and management operations can reduce operational costs and expand their fleets.

Through-hull deployment is often impractical for smaller vessels

One drawback to this approach is the difficulty of modifying smaller vessels to equip them with through hull deployment. Often, due to the limited space in the hull, through hull deployment isn’t cost-effective or practical for smaller vessels. Some shipowners and operators have developed simple side poles to deploy telemetry equipment. These homemade deployment units, however, aren’t durable or reliable in terms of structural integrity, and they can contribute to the premature wear and tear of delicate acoustic instruments as well as faulty measurements.

DECK Marine’s SP-Series equips small vessels with the ability to perform high-integrity surveys reliably

At DECK Marine, we’ve brought the SP-Series side deployment pole to market to help shipowners and operators improve marine research operations. Our flexible, durable, and cost-effective solution allow crew members and exploration teams to set up their acoustic systems quickly and with unparalleled reliability. With the SP-Series unit, mid-sized and smaller vessels can perform high-integrity, survey-grade positioning even when a through hull deployment option isn’t feasible.

Equip your smaller vessels with a versatile, durable SP-Series unit

The SP-series unit provides our clients in the oil and gas industry with a rigid side deployment pole that reduces operating costs and optimizes the performance of sensitive echosounders and sonars. The versatile mobile unit can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported, and yet its sturdy construction enhances the precision and accuracy of underwater data collection. It can be installed to the deck or hull, and it can be adapted for different configurations and all types of transceivers.

To outfit your smaller vessels with a sturdy, durable, and versatile SP-Series unit, contact our customer service specialists today.