Umbilical winches

High speed and fuel efficient

The GT-series through-hull deployment unit provides vessels with all of the functionality of the TH-series model with a streamlined, hydrodynamic design. The unit’s marine-grade gates allow acoustic systems to be retracted, minimizing drag. This innovative feature empowers vessels to reach max speeds and optimize fuel efficiency.

Precise positioning

The rigid design of the GT-series unit ensures precise subsea instrument positioning aboard vessels tasked with surveying and navigating underwater terrain. The unit was developed specifically for deploying and controlling sensitive sonars and echo sounders.

Robust, modular assembly

With its long lifespan and modular components, the GT-series deployment unit offers users a competitive TCO and diverse configuration options. We build units with long-lasting parts designed and manufactured by trusted global companies, which makes it easy for our clients to get affordable spare parts no matter where they’re moored. The unit’s modular assembly makes customization economical and ensures an expedient lead time. Its rugged construction will endure the most brutal environmental and operational conditions for the long haul.

Intensive evaluation

Before we ever subject a GT-series unit to a live test, our engineers run it through a battery of simulations designed to assess its performance under various operational and accidental scenarios. Our first-class engineers use state-of-the-art CAE systems to evaluate the strength, durability, and performance of our components and assemblies, ensuring unit’s are safe, stable, and sturdy. We conduct quality assurance tests in the presence of third-party inspectors and provide certificates upon the request of our clients.

Innovative software

With the GT-series, you have the option to equip your vessels with a state-of-the-art servo-driven operating system. The intelligent software’s intuitive display provides instant feedback to users and a clear overview of processes from start to finish. Units can also be equipped with remote diagnostics that can be easily accessed for off-site observation and maintenance so long as the vessel has internet access.


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