DECK Marine Systems product development is supported by Enterprise Estonia

Product Development Project

Project number: EU53481

Project name: Tootearendus

We are pleased to announce that DECK Engineering OÜ has received funding for the Product Development activities by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

Planned product development activities comprise the development of new and optimization of existing products. During the project, the design of Instrument Development Units TH- and UH-Series will be optimized and updated in order to secure our position on the market as a reliable and cost-effective supplier in the global market. Our new GT-Series Deployment Unit is foreseeing further development and pilot testing. When completed, we will be the only supplier offering the unique GT-Series Deployment Unit for the small crafts. SP-Series Deployment unit will be standardized and optimized.

Another focus of DECK activities is marine and offshore winches, such as oceanographic, hydrographic, umbilical, and fishing winches. Our team will go through the different stages of the engineering process in order to find out and meet the market requirements and contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

The project total budget is 780 000 euros.