Preventing costly calculation errors with precise subsea positioning

Complicated marine construction projects can be problematic for construction crews operating under paperthin project margins.

Project complexity creates problems for construction crews whether they’re working on land or underwater. Sluggish productivity, a saturated marketplace, and shrinking profit margins contribute to construction crews operating on paperthin budgets.

Even large land-based construction projects have become more complicated with increasing demands for efficiency. Marine construction crews face all of the challenges of these terrestrial crews along with the unique problems of reduced visibility, harsh environmental conditions, and a landscape that is in a constant state of flux.

When projects are based on inaccurate measurements, budget bloat becomes a problem.

One miscalculation can devastate a project’s profitability. In the case of marine construction, the potential for error is ever-present as telemetry equipment must withstand a caustic aquatic environment, severe weather conditions, and punishing vibrations caused by high speeds. If a vessel’s delicate acoustic positioning systems are compromised by these grueling circumstances, measurements and project estimates are also compromised.

DECK’s TH-Series unit reduces exposure to vibration caused by high speeds, improving measurement accuracy.

DECK’s forward-thinking engineers developed the robust TH-series through-hull deployment unit to secure subsea instrument positioning aboard vessels surveying and navigating underwater terrain. The TH-series instrument deployment unit is built to withstand the most brutal environmental and operational conditions for up to thirty years. Its rigid structure keeps your most sensitive equipment steady despite your vessel’s speed, which ensures accurate measurements.

The robust unit equips marine construction crews with the best data for the development of projects.

The DECK TH-series IDU optimizes the measurement capabilities of offshore construction vessels, subsea installation vessels, and cable-laying vessels. The unit was engineered specifically to deploy and control USBL instruments. However, its versatile design can precisely deploy a wide variety of acoustic positioning systems. The unit is also equipped with a manual gate valve and manual pole recall to ensure functionality under any circumstances.

Precise subsea positioning keeps underwater infrastructure projects on budget

Whether your marine construction crew is undertaking marine construction projects like the erection of offshore wind farms, the dredging of harbors, or the assembly of offshore drilling platforms, DECK’s through-hull deployment units improve profitability. A steady platform mitigates miscalculations, and the unit’s standard components and modular design reduce your bottom line. A short lead time on tailor-made systems also reduces productivity slumps when crews are left waiting for special equipment. The unit’s durability and flexibility keeps assembly and maintenance costs competitive for our users around the globe.

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